Process Authority

  • MarketFresh now has a qualified Process Authority on staff
  • We have the ability and knowledge to analyze your product and process in order to classify your product and determine if a process letter is necessary

Process Authority Letters

  • After receiving your product information (see below) and product, MarketFresh will test your product for pH and water activity
  • Using the measurements above we will classify your product and determine the need for a Process Letter or not.
  • If it is determined that your product necessitates a letter you will not be charged for the testing conducted on the product, only the letter.
  • Evaluation of complete process and product formulation
  • Process letters

Acid and Acidified-Foods

  • Analysis to classify foods as acid, acidified, or formulated acid foods.
    • Acid Foods: natural pH <4.6
    • Acidified Foods: pH <4.6 & Aw >0.85
    • Formulated Acid Foods: pH <4.6 & <10% addition of low acid ingredients
  • GMPs

Submitting Your Product for Evaluation

  1. Finish final product and process formulation
  2. Attend required training: Better Process School-Acidified (can be taken online or at a number of universities across the country)
  3. Prepare two batches to be submitted for analysis
  4. Fill out a Process Review form for each of your products needing a review
  5. Contact MarketFresh to organize drop off of product