Why Test?

Quality Products

Microbial testing can serve different purposes for your facility. Quality testing on both products and environmental samples can indicate how "clean" or "dirty" your products, surfaces, and, ultimately, your processing environment are. Test results can be used to pinpoint temperature issues, sanitation problems and contamination risks, all of which can affect your product's quality and safety.

Safe Products

Routine environmental pathogen testing is also important to ensure that you are processing in a safe environment free from pathogens. MarketFresh offers PCR technology for rapid, sensitive, and specific detection of ListeriaSalmonella and pathogenic E. coli to provide fast turnaround time for your results.

Patterns Over Time

Keeping a record of your facility's results can establish a history of your processing environment and its unique challenges. This can also bring more awareness of the established procedures and can help to enforce proper practices, ultimately leading to better products and greater customer satisfaction.

A consistent testing program can help to track where problems may originate, help increase awareness of food handling and cleaning procedures, and reinforce appropriate behaviors which are needed to maintain quality and safety of your products. Being proactive with your testing now means not having to be reactive later.