Certified Food Manager Training

Who Should Take It?

Retail establishments serving prepared food to the general public are required to have a Certified Food Manager (CFM) on staff. 

MarketFresh offers the Certified Food Manager course and exam to fulfill the requirements to obtain this certification from the MN Department of Health

The responsibility of a CFM is to provide proper training to all food handlers at that facility to ensure safe food to all consumers.

What to Expect

The CFM course is a full-day course that contains critical information about food handling and food safety. It is highly recommended for food handlers in any type of facility even if the CFM exam is not required. 

Included in the cost of the class is:

  • Course textbook
  • Instruction
  • Activities
  • Exam for certification


Students can attend the first 4 hours of the full day course to comply with the requirement to renew their certificate.

Scheduling a Class

Please Contact Us to inquire about next available course.

To sign up for a course, please download the registration form, and send in completed registration form with payment at least 2 weeks prior to class date.

We have found that course participants study the course manual prior to taking the course:

  • Have increased comprehension of the material
  • Facilitate better discussion during the course
  • Achieve higher exam scores

The course manual is mailed out to course participants upon receipt of payment and registration.